My First eBook 'Inside Intervals' Now Available

Inside Intervals Cover

I'm very excited to announce the release of my first eBook, 'Inside Intervals'.

As a thank you to my nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram and 8,500 subscribers on YouTube, I am making the eBook available for FREE when you sign up to the RYNGTR Newsletter.  This will be a monthly update mail with the latest posts and videos.  You can sign up using the newsletter form on the left of the website (when viewing from your desktop).

Here's an extract from the introduction to the eBook as to why you should check this out: 

"The study of intervals is such a powerful tool for guitarists and shouldn't be overlooked if you're really serious about your guitar studies.  It has huge benefits for lead playing in terms of your arpeggios, scale shapes and note choice for improvisation.  It will also deepen your understanding of chord shapes, enabling you to quickly identify the relationship of each note to the chord's root." 

An example of the neck diagrams provided.

The eBook gives an overview of how intervals are identified and then has a series of neck diagrams detailing how every single interval inside of one octave can be played on the guitar. 

If you wish to show your gratitude and support my teaching, you can do so with a donation.  You can find a page in the navigation bar to donate by Paypal, or you can follow the link here.

I hope this is the first in a whole series of eBooks and courses available in the coming months.  Exciting times at RYNGTR HQ!

I'll see you soon.  Byeeeeeeeeeee.