Custom Guitar Transcriptions

Can't find a tab online for that guitar solo you're desperate to learn?  Did that chord chart you downloaded not sound right?  I'm here to help!

I have been transcribing for over 10 years and it has become a large part of my weekly workload.  I pride myself in the accuracy of my transcriptions and I am constantly taking requests from students and YouTube viewers.  Online tab resources are often very unreliable and sometimes downright wrong!  Every single song I teach I learn by ear and transcribe it for students. 

What I can provide:

My transcription services can offer you any of the following:

  • Standard notation with tab (in .pdf, .gpx and .gp format) (plus MP3)
  • Tab (in .pdf, .gpx and .gp format) (plus MP3)
  • Custom Chord Chart (Rhythm Slashes)

IMPORTANT: Please note that all work provided is for personal use only. The transcription fee is a consideration of my time, not the sale of a transcription that I do not own.

How it works

  • Fill out the form below with details of the song you require transcribing (a YouTube video URL to work from is best) along with any specific sections or timings (e.g. intro 0:00-0:50, guitar solo 5:11-6:12) 
  • I will email you with a quote for the work and anticipated turnaround time.
  • Payment is made via PayPal
  • Upon receipt of payment I'll get on with the work and email you the completed transcription in the agreed time.

Samples of my work

All the tab on my YouTube song lessons was also transcribed by myself.


I think the fairest way to charge the client is by per minute of audio rather than any hourly rate.  That way the client knows exactly what it will cost them, and if the job takes a long time, it's my problem not yours.  

Basic rates are currently 25€ per minute of audio (subject to change) with a minimum fee of 18€.

Get your Quote

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