How to learn chord progressions by ear | Guitar Ear Training

In this week's guitar lesson we're looking at some ear training and how to learn chord progressions by ear. I show you my process to effectively hear chord progressions to allow you to learn music by ear without the need for sheet music.

When transcribing guitar chords the key thing is to be able to loop sections of the music and slow it down if necessary. If you're just starting out or doing this professionally you need some software to help you.

Luckily the days of trying to learn music from vinyl are long behind us and we can get amazing software very cheaply.

I use Transcribe! by Seventh String Software every day when transcribing guitar professionally so would highly recommend it.

If you are interested in the software I use in the video you can click through the link below. I'll be sent a little commission if choose to buy, so please go and check it out.

There is a helpful PDF of my lesson notes available to all my supporters on Patreon.

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