New Slice: A great exercise from TRIADS: Inside Out to help master your Major Triad Inversions

Major Triad Inversions Exercise.png

Here is a sneak peek of an exercise from the first module of my latest video course release, ‘TRIADS: Inside Out’.

After taking you through the theory of the major triad and the different ways it can be played, this exercise will help you to memorise all the major triad inversions from all 12 possible root notes on (what I like to call) string set 1 (the high E, B and G strings).

As a little bonus, I uploaded this exercise to my Soundslice profile, so you can try and learn the exercise along to the interactive tab that syncs to the video. Very cool! I hope to be using Soundslice a lot more in the near future.

You can also download the tab for the exercise by clicking the links below:

Tab .pdf

Tab .gp (Guitar Pro 7)

Tab .gpx (Guitar Pro 6 and earlier)

I will be releasing a new module in the course every Friday until the curriculum is complete. I hope you’ll consider joining us inside.

Practise well