Going ‘In Deep’ with The Beatles’ ’Twist and Shout’

I never realised until very recently that The Beatles recorded a lot of cover versions in their early discography.  Did you know for example that ‘Twist and Shout’ was a cover?  And did you know that they recorded that and the entire ‘Please Please Me’  album in one single day?! 

I was always aware that The Beatles were a very important band but I’d never taken the time to really dig in and appreciate their music.  I’ve really relished discovering The Beatles properly for the first time this last year and sharing it with my children.  My new-found passion for their music is something I’m looking to bring to my YouTube channel in the coming months.  

My newest video lesson is in a format which most closely reflects how I like to teach my live students.  I teach predominantly through learning songs.  But more than just simply walking a student through chord progressions and a strumming pattern I love to delve a little deeper and consider thinks like how the chords relate to one another, how they can be moved to different keys, how chords are constructed or which scale was being used for that specific solo.

‘Twist and Shout’ was my first choice as I’ve found myself teaching it to a lot of students recently.  It’s a great song for a better understanding of I-IV-V progressions, specifically when played with barre chords.  There’s a great little guitar solo too that uses a C-shape major scale harmonised in diatonic 3rds.

You can download the on-screen TAB that accompanies the video by clicking here.